The shock sits very low, says Thomas Hobi (45), the media spokesperson for the RMS says security institution, the money Transporter was raided in the night of yesterday, in the Vaud country. “We are all shocked extremely and can’t believe it yet.” The Liechtenstein-based security company was raided for the first Time in the implementation of a Money transport.

Unknown to have to exit the van on a highway in La Sarraz brought to a standstill, with Kalashnikovs, the driver forced to get Off, beat it, and fled with the loot. Prior to that, they put the vehicles on fire.

Organized gangs from France

“The pictures of these burnt-out cars make us speechless. We are glad that our staff were only slightly injured and doing well under the circumstances,” said Hobi. The offending driver would be dealt with psychologically.

“These Raids on cash vans are a global phenomenon, not a country or Canton in cross-border power”, says Florian naef, spokesman Fedpol. The perpetrators were very well organized, and the Raids were intricately planned. “The perpetrators peeking out from everything, to know the routes and travel times.” According to Fedpol, it was argued that the perpetrators of different bands from France. Näf: “The violence of the perpetrators is very high. They are not afraid to use violence, if need be.”

Only vans up to 3.5 tons of authorized

The reason for the gangs to strike so often in the West of Switzerland, believes Luc Sergy from Association of Switzerland to know the Japanese security service companies (VSSU). “It is partly due to the proximity to the border, on the other hand, it is in France more and more difficult to attack the money Transporter, because you can drive at night high armored around – and we don’t.”

In Switzerland, are allowed at night, run no vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, except for the Transport of food and cut flowers. A high armoured box car weighs but 15 to 20 tons. The smaller truck that run in this country at night, are armored so only slightly. According to Sergy may be carried in France, in addition, a maximum of 10 million euros in a vehicle. In Switzerland, there are no Limits.

Association calls for politicians to Act on

The Association urges, therefore, that needs to change the law. The industry would, according to Sergy willing to depart with heavier vehicles, even if it costs more money and time. “Only that it is prevented, unfortunately, politically.” After a push from the Canton of Vaud FDP politician Olivier Feller, the Federal Council had expressed only last Friday a negative to a special permit. Now, the national Council must discuss soon on the subject.

Sergy: “There are in Switzerland to carry so much money, that we also need to drive in the night also. Our work is relevant to the system. We need a solution so that these Raids stop. The policy must recognize that the safety of the driver.”

amount of loot is unknown

How much money was stolen in the Robbery in La Sarraz, not allowed to say RMS spokesman Thomas Hobi, because of the ongoing proceedings. Him interested in anyway much more the safety of its employees: “The potential for Violence of these offenders is so high, that one must fear that Attacks of this nature eventually to death in some cases.”

20. June 2019: Mont-sur-Lausanne, VD

at Night, to 0.30 at a money transport company Loomis Armed RAID in Budron in Mont-sur-Lausanne, plug-in several vehicles on fire and escape in a big, bright vehicle. They have not yet been caught. The amount of loot is unknown. It is the second Robbery in just this road.

30. January 2019: Oftringen AG

In the case of a rear entrance of the Perry center, a courier turned around 14.30 at the back of his van at the supplier’s entrance and entered the building. During his short absence, managed the perpetration to open the secure vehicle by force and stealing therefrom several bags with cash. The amount of the loot and possible weapons is not known. The perpetrators were not caught.

12. April 2018: Mont-sur-Lausanne, VD

For the first RAID in the said road in the industrial area Budron in Mont-sur-Lausanne 2018 comes. The offenders have targeted an armoured truck from Loomis. With Kalashnikov-armed perpetrators of a vehicle from Rob and stuck after the robbery several cars on fire. You can escape and be searched until today. How much money was lost is not known.

8. February 2018: Chavornay VD

in the Evening, disguised gangsters, as a plumber in the apartment of the daughter of a cash-in-transit driver in the company SOS Surveillance and kidnap the young woman. The driver is prompted by the perpetrators, by phone, to drive to a Parking space in Chavornay VD, and the whole load there to unload. So you capture 20 to 30 million Swiss francs. The daughter is thrown in a ditch in a Road, of which, however, comes with the terror of it. The cash-in-transit driver, his passenger and the daughter are initially suspected in the Coup been involved with. However, the suspicion is not substantiated. Later, 15 perpetrators to be caught from Lyon (F), and Switzerland.

24. May 2017: Nyon VD

at 3 o’clock, a money Transporter of the company Loomis is attacked on the A1. Seven perpetrators force the driver to follow them across the border to France, where the van will be blown up, loot: jewels and cash worth around 45 million Swiss francs. The perpetrators will be caught, in Lyon (F), the prey shows up again. What weapons were used, is unknown.

30. December 2015: Bussigny VD

Two cash-in-transit driver assaulted in Bussigny, at 19.30, the prey is over 2 million Swiss francs. The main offender is living in Switzerland Brazilian and his sister, one of the cash-in-transit, your an accomplice is. The Trio will be sentenced to more years in prison.