No more gas is leaking from the damaged Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. The pressure in the gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea has now fallen to the same level as the water pressure, said Ulrich Lissek, spokesman for the operating company, on Saturday of the AFP news agency.

“So the water pressure has more or less sealed the pipeline, preventing the gas inside from escaping.”

The Swedish Coast Guard announced on Friday that the gas leak from one of the leaks in Nord Stream 2 had decreased. Four leaks in the economic zones of Denmark and Sweden were discovered this week on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines leading from Russia to Germany. Although the lines are not in operation, they are filled with gas for technical reasons.

According to a Danish-Swedish report for the UN Security Council, the leaks were caused by underwater explosions with an explosive power equivalent to “hundreds of kilos” of explosives. Russia denies being behind the blasts. President Vladimir Putin blamed the West on Friday and spoke of “sabotage”.