The native of Cologne Markus at the beginning of (45) has suffered lately some severe neck blows. The safe League-rise before his eyes, he was almost a year ago (27. April 2019) as a table leader, despite a six-point lead on 3rd place fired. Shortly before Papa Dieter the 4:4 of the FC Duisburg had suffered in the stands of a heart attack. The IMAGE Interview.

IMAGE: Mr early, how hard you hit the Corona-crisis?

start: “You have to admit that the situation is very serious. That health is in danger, shows how dramatic and difficult the Situation is, we have to tackle all together.”

IMAGE: What to do now?

“is of Course the most important thing that we ALL keep to the prescribed rules.”

IMAGE: her father, Dieter has suffered almost a year ago, a heart attack, and therefore belongs in the Corona-crisis to the High-risk patients. How do you as a family?

start: “of Course, very sensitive. My parents are both at an age where they are vulnerable. My father through his illness and even more. Therefore, we try as children, it is so good to intercept.“

at the Beginning father, Dieter suffered a year ago of a heart attack in the stands photo: Andreas Pohl

IMAGE: How to do this?

start: “my father goes to, for example, not more shopping. My parents are lucky that you have a private garden. This is just in the present time is a real blessing.”

IMAGE: your family is already high and Holy…

at the beginning: “Yes, definitely. It is insanely difficult to deal with the Situation, especially when You’ve had as a family has many health problems, and now new have to worry. Would you like to take your parents now also in the arms, but this isn’t possible currently, unfortunately. That’s why I’m trying to do with my sister so many things possible for my parents.”

IMAGE: you are living in a blended family with five children. I imagine that to be quite intense just…