There waiting for Copenhagen something of a summer when the city next year is scheduled to be hosted by four european championship matches and the Tour de France start.

After the EM-postponement to 2021, come to the Danish capital to accommodate thousands of soccer – and cycling fans next summer, but for the many tourists, the city is ready for, believe, Kit Lykketoft, who is the director of business tourism and events in Wonderful Copenhagen.

“the City has the capacity to both events, where the high pressures associated with the EM will center around kampdagene. Turismemæssigt we do not see the major challenges in relation to the many guests. The city can well accommodate, we believe,” she writes in an email to B. T.

With the EM-start in June and the subsequent Tour starting in July, where one event almost overlap the other, most would perhaps think that it could cause a logistical problem, but also here you will be optimistic in Wonderful Copenhagen.

“In relation to the planning and logistics so the work of the organisers and their partners already now on to find good solutions, and we believe we will succeed,” says Kit Lykketoft.

the Preparations for the championships have been going on for years, but even though Christian Eriksen and co. first comes the action on EM-home in 2021, so that means the delay is not, that it’s going to get any economic consequence of Wonderful Copenhagen, who have been with us to get the tournament to Denmark.

“the Estimate of the tourism-related turnover of the event is based on the distribution of matches, and provided that the same distribution be transferred to 2021, so we expect that the effect will be the same,” explains Kit Lykketoft.

Two such large events as the european championships and the Tour de France is not just something that all danes have the chance to experience each year on the nearest team, and therefore expect the director not that the city is not going to get enough value for the money, now when the two events are so close to each other:

“This we do not see any problem in. The city can accommodate guests for both events, and in relation to international exposure is expected the two events to continue to attract the same attention.”

due To corona-the crisis, Uefa has chosen to move to this summer’s european championship finals in football for the summer of 2021.

Therefore, the Danish roligans arm themselves with patience until the tournament starts 11. June and lasts a month in advance.

the Tour de France starts 2. July next year, when there will be run throughout the three stages of the world’s biggest cycling race on the Danish roads.