A judge in the US state of Washington hats sealed: The divorce of the Amazon-founder Jeff Bezos (55) his wife, MacKenzie Bezos (49) after more than two decades, marriage has been consummated finally.

Bezos Ex-wife receives the equivalent of 38 billion Swiss francs, a heavy Amazon-share package. Jeff Bezos on the other hand, retains a share of the Company in the amount of twelve per cent, in the value of 113.8 billion Swiss francs. He remains the richest person in the world. MacKenzie is led by the business news Agency “Bloomberg” now in 22nd place in the billionaire ranking. Bezos Ex-wife is now the third richest woman in the world.

Two women are still richer

lace-millionaire interior Bettencourt, L’oréal heiress Françoise-Meyers (49 billion) and Alice Walton (44 billion), the Walmart shares from her father has inherited.

Bezos and MacKenzie have announced in January that they will go separate ways in the future. For decades they were considered the economic dream couple par excellence. The Couple has four children, three sons and an adopted daughter. They were married for 25 years.