Style a Lot of hairdressers were closed, the latter of which have been followed up, and slowly feel the. Children, from their fringe, the world’s only mid-and adults-to discover the bosmens, and the man himself. How can we make the case in what fashion, without a a traumatic experience that made us ashamed to do to hide it on Skype? An experienced stylist Hasret Oztonga, who, together with her team at the Antwerp salon “quick and easy way.Quick and easy way to” run the show, and gives advice. Be sure to read all of the other tips can be found in the ” My Thuisblijfgids’. More general tips

•, Few people will have a kappersschaar, but the grocery stores have been cut-and-joint-scissors and shears available for purchase, which is also sufficiently sharp. Head is not too large, the model must be easy to handle.

• Work in with a comb, not a brush to get the hair to go.

• works on dry hair with a spray bottle may be a bit of a dip, in order to kroezel to fix the problem. If you can, at all times, and the result will follow, which, when wet, its a lot more difficult.