The Ballermann hit “Layla” splits minds. In the first cities there is a playing ban. Singer and ex-“Big Brother” candidate Jürgen Milski criticizes this sharply. In an interview with, he calls the debate hypocritical.

For months, “Layla” has been on the Germans’ favorite island, Mallorca, on a continuous loop. In some cities in this country, the song is not so well received. The criticism: the text is sexist. After Würzburg banned the playing of the Ballermann hit at the Kiliani folk festival, the Rheinkirmes in Düsseldorf followed suit. was recently on Mallorca and repeatedly met tourists singing the controversial party song. As soon as “Layla” was started in Ballermann bars like “Bierkönig” and Co., the crowd turned on.

Singer Jürgen Milksi is one of the people who often stands on the stage at the Bierkönig and who started the song with us at his side for the first time. He has a clear opinion on the ban on playing: “This can no longer be surpassed in terms of hypocrisy. I believe there are far worse lyrics that exist in English. There are rappers who sing things that glorify violence. I find it a scandal that something like this can be sold, but certainly not this song.”

“Layla” has been at the top of the charts for weeks. A clear statement for Milski: “Ultimately, people decided that this song was number 1 and that means something.”

Finally, Jürgen also has a message for the people who issued this ban: “Let the people celebrate the song. We haven’t been able to celebrate for two years. They love the song and have fun doing it, and you shouldn’t take that fun away from people.”

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The Ballermann hit “Layla” has been at the top of the charts for weeks and is particularly popular at parties. The cities of Würzburg and Düsseldorf have now banned the song at their folk festivals because of its sexist lyrics.