Journalist Alex Baur has released on Thursday morning, a photo from the smearing of the entrance area of the “world week”-building on the förrlibuckstrasse in Zurich. “Against right-wing agitation” had vandals spray painted during the night on Thursday on the glass door. There are several red color spots are visible on the facade.

Baur puts demonstratively with a stretched middle finger in front of the defaced the entrance area. “The apparently concerted attacks against my Person and the world week,” the Journalist writes on Twitter. “Now the thing is definitely the police.”


The city of Zurich police Department confirmed the color of the attack against the editorial office on request. “It’s a track has been performed a backup,” says spokeswoman Judith Hödel. “The investigation is going.”

1. May had been attacked construction on the barracks area in Zurich by masked anarchists. He could wiggle free. After that, the attackers raged at the Empanada Stand his wife. “With a fire extinguisher, you destroyed all the food. In addition, they threw an Empanada oven,” said Baur after the attack.

“I’m not to impress”

The attack was clearly directed against his Person. However, the Journalist refused at that time to a display. According to the color stop on the “world week” burst construction of the collar. Therefore, he wants to because of the attack by 1. May a criminal complaint.

“These attacks are just sneaky and cowardly,” says Baur. “It is an attack against freedom of the press.” He had also before 1. May always hostile. However, he had never made public.

The attack on the barracks was the first physical attack. However, construction will not be beaten: “I’m not impressed.”

Köppel: “Nip it in the Bud!”

Shortly after Baur Roger Köppel reports. “To the left of the attack on the world week Editor Alex Baur of the left attack on the whole world week-the editorial is now,” says the “world week”-publisher and SVP-Nationalrat. “The Same, calling for eg, in Turkey, freedom of the media, you want to smash in Switzerland. Nip it in the Bud!” (noo)