After a deadly attack at a Kurdish cultural center in Paris, the alleged perpetrator admitted to having a “pathological hatred of foreigners”. This was announced by the Paris public prosecutor on Sunday.

Since a burglary six years ago, the man has “always wanted to kill migrants or foreigners”. A racist motive had already been included in the investigation into intentional killing and serious violence on Saturday.

According to prosecutors, the man originally wanted to attack people in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis, which is heavily influenced by migrants. He went there armed “to commit murders of foreigners,” it said. Then he abandoned his plan because there were only a few people on site and he could not easily reload his gun because of his clothes.

On Friday, a man fired several shots at a Kurdish community center, killing three people. Three other people were injured in the attack in the tenth arrondissement of Paris.

According to the Kurdish umbrella organization Kurdish Democratic Council in France (CDK-F), all the victims are Kurdish activists. The alleged perpetrator, a 69-year-old Frenchman, was arrested. Because of his health condition, he was taken to a psychiatric ward.

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