The Federal Cabinet has initiated the continued operation of the remaining three nuclear power plants until April 15th. The ministers approved the necessary amendment to the Atomic Energy Act.

Now it is the Bundestag’s turn, which could agree in the second week of November. The Federal Council could deal with the plans at a special meeting at the end of November or a little earlier.

In particular, the Greens and the FDP had gotten caught up in arguments lasting for days about how to proceed with the German nuclear power plants, until Chancellor Olaf Scholz spoke a word of power on Monday. The SPD politician used his policy competence and instructed the responsible ministers to make legislative proposals so that the Isar 2, Neckarwestheim 2 and Emsland nuclear power plants can continue to operate beyond the end of the year until April 15, 2023. Actually, the three nuclear power plants should have gone off the grid on December 31 of this year.