After the sabotage against Deutsche Bahn, Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) warns that the German infrastructure could also become a potential target.

Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) also considers the German infrastructure to be a potential target in connection with Russia’s war against Ukraine. “This war has shown that infrastructure is an important target of military strategy and thus also of potential attacks,” said Wissing in an interview with the editorial network Germany (RND).

When asked whether he expected further attacks after the sabotage against the railway, the FDP politician explained: “Our infrastructures are the lifelines of our society. This makes them an attractive target from the perspective of potential attackers.”

The infrastructure included not only roads, bridges and rail lines, but also data lines and communication facilities. As to whether Germany is particularly in the focus of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the minister said: “Germany is a modern society and a successful business location. Our success is also based on a well-developed infrastructure. This is not only the prerequisite for economic success, it also stands for our way of life.”

After the act of sabotage against the railway, he set up a staff unit for infrastructure security with experts from all departments of the ministry and the subordinate authorities, Wissing said. The aim is to better network the departments with their existing security mechanisms and competencies.