Boris Becker is apparently enjoying life to the fullest after his imprisonment: the six-time Grand Slam winner should not only enjoy his newfound freedom, but also lead a life in the lap of luxury. However, his insolvency administrator does not like that at all.

Boris Becker has had a difficult few months. In 2022 he spent almost eight months in prison for bankruptcy offenses in the UK. Shortly after his release in December, the former tennis pro gave his first interview on TV. He revealed to moderator Steven Gätjen how hard the time behind bars was for him.

During this difficult time, one person in particular always stood behind Boris: his girlfriend Lilian. Boris celebrated the turn of the year with her on the dream island of São Tomé off the west coast of Africa. But now his lifestyle could be his undoing again, because by no means everyone should be happy that Becker apparently proudly affords flights in private jets and vacations in luxury hotels.

In December last year, Boris Becker spoke in the Sat.1 interview about his new beginning and the lessons he learned from the time behind bars: “The whole thing taught me something important and good.” Apparently his current lifestyle does not seem to do this to fully reflect. Even Becker’s British insolvency administrator Mark Ford criticized the behavior of the tennis legend in an interview with the “Bild” newspaper, because he is said to still be facing a huge mountain of debt: “It’s about significant amounts in the millions. It was always about millions. Only a small part of it has been repaid so far.” The insolvency administrator left it open how much money it should be. Particularly irritating: Becker is said not to have reported to his British insolvency administrator for a long time.

Ford claimed to the “Bild” newspaper: “There is currently a lack of cooperation with Mr. Becker. I would like to get him back on board.” One of Boris Becker’s creditors also criticized “Bild” for the lack of cooperation: “If Boris Becker actually wants a fresh start, he must first create the basis for it and meet the demands of his creditors. “ Ouch! While Boris himself is silent on the current criticism, his lawyer Oliver Moser made a clear statement. He denied any misconduct by his client to “Bild” and explained that the remaining claim was only less than 450,000 euros: “My client does not have to pay more.”

A few weeks ago, Boris Becker reported back on Instagram and primarily shares children’s photos of his sons. Now the tennis legend has posted a saying that his followers are having fun with.

Boris Becker, who has been released from prison for a few weeks, shows himself with a new look on Instagram. In a video he talks about the anticipation of “finally” being able to talk about tennis on TV again as a commentator.

Soon it will be “Let’s Dance” again on Cologne’s private broadcaster RTL. The popular dance show is expected to start again in February. The TV station confirmed almost all participants in the evening. Among them are some surprises.

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