Star chef Alfons Schuhbeck has not started paying his tax debts a month after his conviction. That said a spokesman for the Munich Higher Regional Court.

Alfons Schuhbeck was sentenced on October 27, 2022. The judge imposed a sentence of three years and two months in prison and 1.2 million euros. Schuhbeck announced in the process that he “accepted his guilt”. But this stability is still a long time coming. According to reports from “t-online” and “tz”, Schuhbeck has not yet started to pay his tax debt.

A spokesman said that since the verdict was announced, neither the court nor the public prosecutor’s office have become aware of “damage reparation efforts”. So far there have been no attempts by Schuhbeck to start his detention.

Schuhbeck had repeatedly emphasized during the process that he knew what he had done was wrong. And I want to take responsibility and make up for the damage caused. Alone, this is still a long time coming.

First of all, his lawyers appealed the verdict. As the “tz” reports, insiders see Schuhbeck’s statements during the process as “empty phrases”. Schuhbeck only repented when a former employee unpacked against him. It was his strategy to soften the verdict.

In the end, the tax evaded was set at 2.3 million euros. Schuhbeck is to pay 1.2 million euros. But why doesn’t he? According to “tz”, a quick settlement of the debt could possibly have a mitigating effect in a repeat process.

The “tz” writes that Schuhbeck had the promise of an investor to pay the compensation. But the investor did not pay. It is said that the search for a donor is still ongoing. Schuhbeck had promised in the process to work “tirelessly” on the reparation. “The efforts continue unabated,” quoted the “tz” Schuhbecks spokesman.