Now it is no longer a rumor: The food delivery service Uber Eats is coming to Zurich. The company confirmed the “Handelszeitung”: “Yes, it is true that we are currently expanding our Team, the launch of Uber Eats in Zurich to prepare.”

An exact date for the launch is yet to come. The Expansion, however, should be this year. Uber Eats is currently seeking for the site of Zurich, a City Manager, who directs the service and driving forward. “Zurich offers a great deal of potential for Uber Eats,” says spokeswoman Luisa Elster. “We have already been able to observe a tremendous demand for our App.”

In Switzerland, the delivery service launched last November in Geneva. He was positive, says Elster. “We have received both Restaurants, delivery partners and users for great Feedback.” Especially thanks to the partnership with McDonald’s Uber Eats have the number of Partner Restaurants, the available delivery area, as well as the local customer base is already significantly expanded. Concrete Figures, the company does not communicate, however.

against the wind, in Geneva,

In Geneva of the service in San Francisco works with around 100 local Restaurants. In addition to 13 McDonald’s restaurants around Sushi Shop, Supreme Tacos, the Funky Monkey Room and the castle chain, Holy Cow, which is also in Zurich with four Restaurants present belong to them. With whom Uber Eats in the city of Zurich works together, is not fixed yet. That About Eats delivered in Zurich to eat at McDonald’s and Holy Cow, was “quite conceivable, since we work together with these two partners that are already successfully in Geneva,” says Elster.

In Geneva, a harsh Wind blows against Uber Eats recently. The Geneva Council of state, Mauro Poggia want that Uber, and companies must comply with a similar business model to the standards for the protection of workers. To the visor he takes and Eats. The company is nothing more than an employer in the name of his restaurant customers. He would turn the matter to the state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco), and to request the opinion of said Poggia in a recent Interview with “Tribune de Genève”.

Uber Eats

For the delivery of works works Uber Eats like the driving service Uber with uabhängigen employees. You can decide for yourself when, where and how often they are in use. At Uber Eats the employees deliver, in Geneva, between 11 o’clock and 23 o’clock within 30 minutes by bicycles or motor scooters. In Zurich this is probably similar.

customers can order food, see on the App the current Status of the preparation, until the Arrival at the front door. At the same time, you can order thanks to a precise determination of the location your food where you want it. Is charged via the App, which also displays personalized recommendations. For the order there is no minimum order, but a delivery fee of 4.90 francs.

Uber Eats is the world in 350 cities in 35 countries, and is on a strong course of expansion. Recently, there were rumors that on delivery the London-based service intended to take Deliveroo. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi declared the business with the delivery of meals to be a Top priority of the group. This year, the group wants to go to the stock exchange.

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