Jan Köppen will moderate the new season of “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here” alongside Sonja Zietlow. Daniel Hartwich’s successor already has a lot of experience as a moderator.

In the RTL press release, Köppen jokes: “Finally jungle! I thought Aunt RTL never knocked and asked. But seriously: I’m really looking forward to IBES, the biggest German TV campfire – and of course to my esteemed colleague Sonja and the team from ITV Studios. It’s going to be great, never again freezing in January!”

Zietlow has been on board the jungle camp since the first season. After the first years with Dirk Bach, Daniel Hartwich came to her side. After nine years together it was over.

As RTL announced at the time, this year’s “I’m a star, get me out of here” season was the last for Daniel Hartwich (43). “The reason for this is my family, who will no longer be able to accompany me in the future because of compulsory schooling,” said Hartwich in a statement published by RTL.

RTL face Jan Köppen (39), who moderates from “Ninja Warrior Germany”, now takes over. He already has a connection to his predecessor: Köppen successfully represented his colleague at the “Let’s Dance” finale. Now he is also taking over his job in the Australian tree house alongside Sonja Zietlow (54).

Zietlow: “I’m not worried about Jan’s suspension bridge suitability thanks to his ‘Ninja Warrior’ moderation. If he can get by with little sleep, night shifts and yours truly, he deserves the title ‘suitable for the jungle’. But honestly? He also survived Frank Buschmann and jungle chief Küttner already knows what he is doing. A great colleague, that will be great!”

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