It’s green in a very Federal house: the Green and green liberal celebrate a historic election victory. Alone in the national Council the two parties are put together by 26 to 44 seats. In the Council of States up to six seats in there.

But a green unit in front it will be in Eco-friendly questions. In the Social, economic, or financial policy, the opinions go far apart. The Greens are watermelons – the outside green and the inside red. The green liberals, however, as a cucumber on the outside and green inside.

A very striking division. A VIEW has taken the Eco-parliamentarians under the magnifying glass. As it turns out, can also be found on both sides of the shades. Green in all shades. 50 Shades of Green!

GLP is a research colorful

This is particularly true for the young GLP, which listed in 2004, Martin Bäumle (55, ZH), from the Green. The differences are visible until today: Bäumle politicized on the right edge of the GLP, far away from the Green, such as an evaluation of the online platform Vimentis shows.

But thanks to the electoral victory by the Sunday people are now in the GLP group, the Bäumles course not share. Really agree, the new GLP’s squad only in the environment. In others, the sparks could fly.

The social question

For example, in the case of the health insurance premiums, the biggest problem child of the population. Bäumle holds nothing that more and more people subsidized Premiums to receive. Different national councillor Melanie Mettler (41, BE) the New. Your Vimentis-profile one might find in the countryside.

“I am certainly not a left-green profile”, it is contrary to a VIEW vehemently. “In contrast to the Green, I think the watering can principle, not for sense. You just have to see to it that those premiums will get subsidies, you really need.” That Mettler is the time, an outsider in the group, does not believe you. “We have an active and proven culture of discussion.”

The military Front,

Agree, Mettler, and Bäumle, however, in the case of the fighter jets: The billion dollar business is too expensive. But you want to encounter new flyer with other party colleagues on resistance: Beat Flat (54, AG), Isabelle Chevalley (47, VD) and the recently elected François Pointet (50, VD). Strife is inevitable, if the template is coming soon to the national Council.

Also the women’s quota is fraught spat-potential: Bäumle and Flat are not in favour of any third managerial position in Federal with a woman and must be filled in. The new Mettler, Pointet and Katja Christ (47, BS) support it fully.

Green Zoff with Zopfi?

In the Green, in turn, the new Council of States Mathias Zopfi (35, GL) could make for trouble. The lawyer does not fit into the picture: He is for new fighter jets and for a higher retirement age. With his profile he would fit perfectly in the GLP. Exchange desires he cherishes still.

“to Me, it is probably in the Green,” says Zopfi. “In Vermont, the Greens have a broad spectrum and community culture, because the Country is also more moderate than the national party.” National he politicize actually go to the right party sash. However, the contract of the party as well.”As Glarner I am not like my Predecessor This is Jenny, a free spirit and such, there is in every party. In the case of environmental issues, but I am fully on the green line.”

“Rational tech wings”

Zopfi is the Only one who dances in the Green really out of line. A few more deflections from the Mainstream are found. About New national councillor Meret Schneider (27, ZH). It is open to a higher retirement age for liberalised shop opening hours, and finds that not every homeopathy vials must be paid by the insurance company.

“In the company of liberal questions, I belong to the rational tech wing,” says Schneider. The same retirement age for both sexes is in addition to the equality policy. “Otherwise, I’m as left as you can be!”

Controversial self-rental value

but There are a few issues where the Greens are likely to fall right into the hair. Zoff is programmed most likely at the self-rental value, some want to abolish it. In the Law-and-order theme, dig a little rösti: the welschen body Cams for police officers more open than the German Swiss.

the National Council and Council of States elections to 2019

On the 20. In October the Federal Parliament elections in Switzerland. The total of 200 seats in the national Council are distributed according to the number of population in the cantons, and need to be re-elected. Also the 46 seats of the Council of States to be re-awarded.

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