The fact that Amira Pocher missed the final of the RTL format “Let’s Dance” came as a surprise to many, including herself. Now, a week later, the 29-year-old seems to have analyzed the situation and gives in her podcast “Die Pochers” , in which they and their husband Oliver Pocher discuss current events and their theories for the best. One juror is particularly critical.

Amira Pocher explains: “Absolute joke. Absolute cheek! It cannot be that a Quickstep is rated better by another person than our Tango by another person. Which was really highly complicated. It had 80 different tango steps in it. That was a highly demanding, beautiful tango.” The fact that jury member Joachim Llambi saw things differently now caused a sensation for Amira: “We were rated too badly, especially by the person on the far right. I’m not talking about Jorge or Motsi, it was all fair.”

But she doesn’t want to hold her comrade-in-arms Mathias Mester, who is dancing for victory tonight, responsible: “Mathias can’t help his evaluation. He always puts on a great show too. It has nothing to do with Mathias. It has to do with the ratings. Especially from Mr. Llambi. You can always feel who is being directed where.”

She also receives support from husband Oliver Pocher, who also has little positive to say about the show: “What can I say. But in a way, this show has been betrayed into absurdity this season as well. And you have to be honest: The season is not nearly as successful. On average, a million people less watch it. I can also say that as an outsider. Because this season has become a theater of absurdities. In the beginning through the Corona stories.”

But that’s not all – Amira speculates about busy phone lines: “They couldn’t call. I heard that from a Mike Singer, read it in comments. I really have to ask that. Why were the lines busy?” Bad loser or serious accusations? The last word has certainly not yet been spoken here.

Former soccer player Rúrik Gíslason won “Let’s Dance” last year. After his victory, he built a career on German TV.

For fans of “Let’s Dance” absences due to illness are nothing new this season. Ironically, before the finale of the RTL dance show on Friday, moderator Daniel Hartwich was caught. Jan Köppen helps out – for the second time.

In “Let’s Dance”, Amira Pocher not only moved the audience and the jury to tears with her penultimate performance, but her husband Oliver Pocher was also more emotional than ever. Now the 28-year-old commented on his emotional outburst.

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