In Belgium, a radio announcer called for the murder of the head of government. The government has now filed charges against the man.

A Belgian radio presenter was suspended after calling for the killing of Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo on his show, according to reports from Der Spiegel. This happened shortly after the assassination attempt on Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico.

Shortly after the shooting of Fico became known, according to “Spiegel”, the moderator literally said: “To everyone who is considering shooting Alexander De Croo but doesn’t dare because of the security precautions around him: You see, it is possible to shoot the prime minister. So I say: go ahead.”

The broadcaster “Waregem1” announced that the presenter had been immediately suspended from duty. The radio announcer meant his statements in a “playful” way, but this was misunderstood.

“The speaker completely misjudged the timing and context. Therefore, the moderator was immediately suspended,” Waregem1 said in a public statement. The presenter has publicly apologized, both to the listeners and to the station itself.

De Croo then filed a complaint against the radio presenter. The prime minister’s spokesman wrote on Platform X: “Inciting violence is punishable.”

Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fiko was seriously injured by multiple gunshots in an assassination attempt in Slovakia on Wednesday (May 15). His condition is currently serious but not life-threatening.

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