Prince Andrew has fallen out of favor with the abuse scandal. But he would like to contest the comparison with Virginia Giuffre and he also supposedly has an ace up his sleeve for a better image: a new “development” next month should help.

Prince Andrew is the unpopular British royal. The reason: he was sued by Virginia Giuffre in the United States for sexual abuse, and an out-of-court settlement was reached in mid-February 2022. The Duke of York, who has always denied the allegations, is said to have paid Giuffre millions. Against the agreement, the brother of King Charles III. now want to proceed. And apparently the 62-year-old already has an ace up his sleeve: a source claims the prince told his friends while hunting about “mysterious developments” that will restore his reputation, the DailyMail reports.

“He says that details will be released that will change the public’s perception of him,” the source is quoted as saying. The informant wants to know that it should be as early as next month. Prince Andrew is said not to have revealed exactly what kind of new developments are involved. But his £12m challenge to the Virginia Giuffre settlement would at least be timed to coincide with new developments in the case.

But his lawyers are also hoping for success, as the victim dropped her lawsuit against ex-Epstein attorney Alan Dershowitz. He is also said to have been one of the men with whom Epstein forced her to have sex. But then she backed down, saying, “Maybe I made a mistake.”

However, the 39-year-old is sticking to the allegations against Prince Andrew. Even if Ghislaine Maxwell continues to have her good friend’s back. She is sentenced to 20 years for helping the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein grow his ring of sexually abusing young girls. In an interview with TalkTV from prison, she said she couldn’t remember Prince Andrew ever meeting Virginia Giuffre. So she was also sure that the infamous photo of the two when he hugged the then 17-year-old should be a fake. The original can no longer be found.

It remains to be seen whether the hints of Queen Elizabeth II’s son have anything to do with the photo in question. Meanwhile, Virginia Guiffre plans to publish her memoir, according to the New York Post. When exactly they should appear is not yet known. But it is already clear that the content of the book could be very uncomfortable for the royal family and thwart Prince Andrew’s plans.

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