Xavier Naidoo (48) shocked recently with a racist Video and a bizarre Clip in which he compares climate-activists with anti-Christians. After the musician gave at the beginning of the month, in a recording of racist Statements by, and threw it RTL from the “DSDS”Jury. The company is Human Blood, with its headquarters in London, was even a criminal complaint for sedition against him.

it is Only now that Xavier Naidoo announces: He admits that it was a long-planned PR campaign to promote his new Album – and that he took advantage of RTL for the attention. As the Online media magazine “dwdl.de” reports, voice of the musician with the conspiracy theorist Oliver Janich (51), which represents right-wing populist and xenophobic views. In an Interview, the Ex-“American idol”judges to be “Patriotic” new Album, and he denies it applies to the man-made climate change.

“I’ve made the range of the RTL advantage of”

“I think the need to just simply do what you need to do the Show to continue,” says Xavier Naidoo to his being thrown out of “Germany seeks the Superstar”. “Since you can’t act then, I think, with such an opinion, which I represent here, probably not so good. But I’ll take anyone bad. I have to stand still just keep to my opinion and my opinion can say. And if I have this disadvantages, then so be it.”

The German singer to have RTL used for advertising purposes. “(…) I also knew that I with the Album, I here now, an Album no more, where can I get then maybe a Chance in a Show and that’s why I jumped at the Chance. This means: I’ve made the range of the RTL advantage of it.”

the Pop star and “American idol”Jury-boss Dieter Bohlen (66) found in “American idol” two weeks ago, strong words to get thrown out of Xavier Naidoo. He said: “We make an entertainment show, because it really is about entertainment and not to hatred, or incitement. And, therefore, the Jury and my whole Team is behind the decision by RTL and Ufa.” (kad)