As they say? “Everyone deserves a second chance”. It may sound trite, but it is sometimes true. So also in the case of William Shatner (91). The actor, best known for his role as Captain James T. Kirk in the US series “Spaceship Enterprise”, has been married to Elisabeth Anderson Martin (64) since 2001. It was Shatner’s fourth marriage, which initially didn’t seem to have a happy ending. In January 2020, the couple divorced. Elisabeth Anderson Martin received $2 million from the actor’s estimated $100 million net worth.

Now the two are celebrating their big love comeback. On the red carpet of the “Legends of Aviation” awards, the ex-husbands appear as in love as on the first day. And: The actor finds loving words in his speech.

Shatner received the Aviation and Patriotism Award at the event. He received the award for becoming the oldest human ever to fly into space in 2021. He made the trip together with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (59) in a space capsule from the Bezos company “Blue Origin”. But at the event, Shatner wasn’t primarily talking about his adventure. Rather, he took the opportunity to talk about his ex, who is apparently the woman at his side again.

In an interview, Shatner stated: “My wife is the joy of life. It brings the spice.” With that he had set the topic of the interview, because he and his wife immediately started discussing what kind of spice Elisabeth Anderson Martin could be. “Mustard?” Shatner suggested. But his partner liked “cinnamon” much better.

At the gala, Shatner also had a few words about his reputation as a living legend. After all, the event was held under the motto “Legends of Aviation”. In his self-analysis, the 91-year-old definitely showed humor. “It’s quite an achievement to get out of bed every morning and breathe,” the actor said, adding, “I’m a legend. I’m breathing and I’m still alive.”

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