last Sunday, was missing in Rotkreuz ZG a mountain-goers (29). He was found dead, writes the Schwyz cantonal police. Previously, it was looking for him intensely. On the Monday after the Missing persons report they discovered his car in Gersau, SZ. Because the man was a climber, we presumed him to be in the vicinity of the Rigi.

It is an intensive and extensive search operations with the inclusion of the Alpine rescue Switzerland, area search dogs, mountain specialists of the cantonal police of Schwyz and using helicopters instead of followed. On Thursday, the police broke up the active search for the Missing.

friends are desperately seeking more

Not so his friends from the climbing community on The whole week, were looking for active you to the peaks in the area, contacted persons who have registered on the day of his disappearance into the summit book.

In the social media were photos of the Mountain and calls to experienced hikers, to the difficult terrain on the mountain to comb through.

On Saturday, finally, the sad certainty: The Missing person was found on Saturday morning by private persons above the blow-dry mountain in Gersau into a steep and densely wooded terrain dead.

250 feet deep plunged

According to initial findings, he was alone on the road and crashed 250 meters deep. Currently, there is no evidence of a third-party action, the cantonal police of an accident there.

One of his friends, confirmed the tragic discovery on Facebook. “The relatives want to be happy all the to Help thank. In the past few days, an indescribable solidarity of volunteers showed up to Help also far beyond the circle of friends and beyond,” said in a Facebook Post. (pma/hah)