Africa predicted a 10 million infected with the coronavirus

The number of cases of infection with coronavirus in Africa can dramatically increase to 10 million. According to the preliminary assessment of the regional Department of the world health organization (who), it will take from three to six months, reports Reuters.

“We have yet to specify numbers. It is quite difficult to make long-term forecasts, because conditions are constantly changing and measures of health when they are fully implemented, can significantly affect the spread of the virus,” — said in the teleconference Michelle Yao, Director of the who programme on emergency response in Africa.

At the moment in Africa recorded a total of about 17 thousand cases of infection, however, Rebecca Mutti, head of the regional Department who are concerned that the virus will spread within countries. Who is working with local governments to improve the treatment of coronavirus and prevent fatal outcomes.

She noted that the decision of the President of the United States Donald trump on the suspension of financing for who will strike a blow not only against the coronavirus, but also to combat such deadly diseases as polio, HIV and malaria. Mutti added that the organization needs $ 300 million to help African governments cope with the pandemic.