At the same time, Russian courts are still functioning only in the amount of 10-15 percent of the usual for them before loading. However, recent clarifications of the Russian Supreme court give hope to the increasing number of the hearing. We will remind, vessels are recommended to use the web communication, allowing the parties to participate in the meeting remotely by means of personal gadgets, including tablets and phones.

the Federal chamber of lawyers of the real-time monitors the situation in the regions, what problems arise from legal services, as ensured to qualified legal assistance to citizens.

“We have never been in such a situation, but with the feeling that it is something unusual, right, – said Yuri Pilipenko. – Of course, employment lawyers declined everywhere, especially in the first week of self-isolation”. But if at first it seemed that the legal profession will not in demand, then gradually work out to the previous level, although not in all regions. In some regions, according to the President of the Federal chamber of lawyers of the Russian Federation, “there has been increased demand for new types of legal services associated with the introduction of the “pandemic law,””. And because of a pending case too, did not disappear, it should be expected in 2-3 weeks, maximum a month, high stress.

of Course, the overall employment rate of lawyers in criminal proceedings and on purpose, when the lawyer offered by the state and by agreement, when a citizen directly negotiates with the defender – has changed, but varies by region. So if, for example, in the Voronezh, Orel regions there is a significant decrease in the Moscow region, according to Vice-President of FPA Michael Tolcheev, currently to is already in the same volume. On the average on regions of the Central Federal district the volume of work of bodies of preliminary investigation have been almost fully restored, jail, detention, prison, other penal institution work, although in emergency mode, difficulties with visiting lawyers and clients occurs. But the administration of these institutions requires lawyers use of PPE: masks, gloves, caps, gowns, etc. the Number of the chambers of advocates, in particular, the Moscow region, the AP Orel region, organized the purchase of such funds and transfer them to the lawyers.

But, according to the Federal chamber of lawyers of the Russian Federation, including by means of attorneys and all other participants in the process must ensure that public authorities make a decision on the conduct of investigative actions or court sessions. Letters containing a request to accept a complex of measures aimed at ensuring that all participants in the proceedings to the individualstructures protection to the President of the Supreme Court of Russia, and also heads of law enforcement agencies.

In the Supreme court of Russia heard the opinion of the legal community. In one of the reviews of judicial practice, the Supreme court ordered the lower courts hold hearings in compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements. Another recommended not to send to jail accused of petty articles. Proposals to decongest the jail, reducing the number of arrest and releasing elderly prisoners and accused persons of petty articles, lobbied lawyers.

Another problem that often occurs in our days, was related to the movement of lawyers. “The number and, most importantly, the nature of the tasks we have to solve new and unusual. For example, two months ago we could not assume that we will have to solve the problem of movement lawyers. The work of the bodies of advocates ‘self-government have not diminished, and could not be”, – said the President of the chamber of lawyers of Russia Yury Pilipenko.

none of the regions of the Central Federal district has no problems with movement lawyers. The document allows them to move freely on the territory of the Russian Federation, is a certificate of law. In turn, the heads of the chambers of advocates of the southern and North Caucasus Federal districts, said that in the beginning there was problems with movement lawyers, especially from one of subject of the Russian Federation to another. In Sevastopol and Dagestan these problems could be addressed quickly. And in the Krasnodar region, where March 31, has been declared a quarantine, as informed the President of the regional AP Andrei Chekov, with 6 April in the house began to issue special passes, and another week later, the lawyers had the opportunity to walk in their identity.

an Unpleasant situation arose in the city of Pyatigorsk, where on 19 April, the lawyers had to obtain a special permit upon reasonable request of the chamber for movement in the city, and also for entry and exit. As the President said AP of the Stavropol territory Olga Rudenko, the situation in Pyatigorsk is resolved with decisive action lawyers. April 24 at the enlarged meeting of Council of Lawyer chamber of Stavropol Krai adopted a special Declaration on the introduction of gaps in Pyatigorsk. Although the city administration explained his decision by an introduction to the city’s restrictive measures due to the complex epidemiological situation, the chamber of Advocates of the region considered obvious that such an order violates not only the professional rights of lawyers, but, above all, the right of citizens to receive qualified legal assistance. “After our application was accepted the decision about introduction of changes into the ethe order, and now the lawyers move on to the identity”, – summarized Olga Rudenko.

to Monitor what is happening with the legal profession in certain regions, and the Ministry of justice. The Agency promptly helps to solve problems, such as encountered occasionally in the field with access to the jail.

In a more difficult position are now lawyers, civil lawyer, specializing in civil and arbitration disputes. Now, many processes are suspended and customers are sitting at home. But experts believe that this period will soon pass. So, Vice-President of the Federal chamber of lawyers of the Russian Federation Vladislav Grib noted that the lawyers, civil lawyer will simply swamped in the second half of this year and in 2021.