Affected by COVID 19 from 40 countries sue the resort in Tyrol

More than four and a half thousand people from 40 countries, mostly Europeans, have sent a collective action against the Austrian ski resort in the Tyrol.

according to the European publication Euractiv, the plaintiffs believe that the administration Ischgl neglected, underestimated the danger of the spread of the coronavirus among tourists, which led to mass diseases there vacationing tourists. The fact that this resort is famous not only for its snow-covered mountain slopes, but also a variety of options for the “après-ski” – so in the French manner regulars called an extensive entertainment program “after skiing”.

called the “Ibiza of the Alps” Ischgl huge variety of bars, restaurants and Nightclubs. One of them worked 36-year-old bartender from Germany, who, as it turned out, was infected COVID-19. On 7 March he received the test results, but numerous witnesses say that signs of the disease it was observed at the end of February. During this period in Ischgl and the neighbouring towns had to rest several tens of thousands of people from all over Europe and beyond.

First, the spread of infection Austrian resort suspect the Scandinavians. In mid-March in Norway stated that 491 of 1198 cases of coronavirus in the country occur among people who were vacationing in Austria. In Denmark on March 12 were recorded 139 cases of coronavirus in people who traveled to the Austrian Alps, most of the resort Ischgl. In Sweden during the same period, 137 of 775 coronavirus-infected persons were infected in the same place. Many picked up the coronavirus, talking to returned from vacation in Ischgl.

Now the Austrian society for the protection of consumers gathered more than 4,5 thousand signatures of people affected by the coronavirus, in order to file a class action lawsuit against the administration of Ischgl. In their opinion, the government reacted without proper attention to the information that the virus spread beyond the borders of China, closed to bars and restaurants, did not warn holidaymakers. According to Euractiv, Icelandic and epidemiological service, March 5, informed the Austrian colleagues that the Tyrolean resorts are a source of coronavirus infection. As evidence they cited the situation with the passengers of the plane, delivered in Reykjavik 14 tourists vacationing in Austria. Many of their fellow passengers was later also discovered coronavirus . But the Austrians, according to the publication, said that they have no evidence COVID-19 in Tyrol. Only on 7 March was that the German bartender coronavirus, moreover, it has infected 15 people of the 22, with whom you spoke. The 22 – those who were able to identify. Thus, on 8 March, the administration Ischgl assured that tourists are safe and have not imposed any restrictive measures. Tourists went skiing and evening fun in bars, restaurants, discos. These institutions were closed only March 10, and directly by the ski slopes were closed until 13 March. March 15 was limited access to the Paznaun valley, where the resorts of Ischgl, Paznauntal, Solden, Zillertal and St. Anton am Arlberg, tourists asked to return to their countries. But it was lost two weeks of precious time. During this time, had to go there, and then safely leave thousands of skiers and tourists. And they are scattered around the world.

Euractiv reports that today in the Nordic countries the main source of the coronavirus do not believe China or Italy, namely Austria. Plaintiffs may support the Prosecutor’s office of the Austrian Innsbruck, which is also the beginning of the investigation in respect of action, but rather inaction of the administration of Ischgl. However, the Prosecutor hansjörg Mayr told reporters that the investigation was initiated due to statements from victims.

as for the authorities in Ischgl, they think that it is in no way to blame, since at that stage no one in Europe was aware of what the scale of the threat, and in many countries tourism has worked without any restrictions. “I think that the Tyrolean government behaved exactly as it should. Foreign media are trying to make it look like coronavirus began with Ischgl, and that’s not true,” – said in a broadcast by the Austrian public TV channel ORF city Council member Bernhard Tilg. Yet the exact dates of the proceedings, and the suit to join the all-new victims from different countries. Some German and Austrian law firms are planning separate lawsuits against the administration of the ski resort.