With the full abolition of restrictions on international flights of “Aeroflot” will be able to restore pre-crisis volume of passenger traffic by March 2021, said CEO Vitaly Savelyev at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin. However, judging by the response of the President of the Russian Federation, to wait for the imminent opening of international flights is not: Vladimir Putin stressed that the authorities of foreign States are not yet ready to accept Russian tourists. The closure is particularly painful for “Aeroflot”, who built their strategy on attracting the best transit ridership.”Aeroflot” expects for the year to transport about 30 million people, or half of last year’s passenger traffic, said during a meeting with President Vladimir Putin the General Director of airline Vitaly Savelyev. The national carrier, subject to the lifting of all restrictions, expects by December to restore the passenger traffic on domestic flights and 80% of passenger traffic on international routes. Full restoration may take place by March 2021, that is, to the end of the next winter season. But this requires the removal of all restrictions on travel of citizens within the country and abroad.Mister Savelyev also stressed that “Aeroflot” it is necessary the restoration of transit traffic, which last year amounted to about 10 million people per year, or one sixth part of all the transported group of passengers.”And I want transit we repair. We, Vladimir Vladimirovich, was a good situation for transit. We are seven years in China, fought for transit, delivered to the Chinese in Europe. The last three years we were the number one company among the foreign companies. We pushed Qatar Airways, a five-star carrier and for three years we have occupied this niche. And of course, we would very much like to come back because a lot was spent to force it again to restore the transit. This is a fairly large stream, about 10 million people, and it’s very profitable,”— said Gennady Savelyev at a meeting with the President.Transit passengers — a key direction of development of “Aeroflot”. The company positions itself as the carrier of the premium segment in Russia the company does not have serious potential to increase ridership, which depends on the growth of welfare of the population and its natural growth. In the market of transit transportation between Asia and Europe, the company competes with FinnAir, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, are also developing hubs model of transportation.Net loss for the same period rose by 42.8% to RUB 22.5 billion Figure is explained by the fact that due to the closure of air links with China, the company has lost a significant portion of its revenue and passenger traffic both international and on domestic flights.But Vladimir Putin did not reassure the head of “Aeroflot”. Restrictions in Russian regions will be removed with the improvement of the epidemiological situation. “They (regional authorities.— “B”) will make decisions on the removal of these restrictions. But not due to the fact that the aviation industry, or rather the aviation industry, it’s tough, but because the situation is changing for the better,” he said.However, the resumption of international flights now impossible to predict because foreign authorities are not yet ready to let in their country of the Russian tourists. “It is unclear that will make our partners in many countries, including in Europe, yet they can not understand. And it is unclear when they will open their borders and territory to third country nationals, including Russian citizens, even in the summer holidays”,— added Vladimir Putin.Thus, the predictions of “Aeroflot”, which are based on the complete abolition of the existing restrictions of flights, apparently does not come true and the restoration of passenger traffic will go at a slower pace.Open to the media part of the meeting was not discussed the financial condition of the carrier. In June, Reuters wrote that “Aeroflot” in the framework of additional issue of shares may receive 80 billion rubles. from the Federal government, VTB and RDIF. However, given the scale of the company’s business this amount may not be enough until the spring of next year, say Kommersant’s sources in the airline industry. Moreover, there is a real risk that to get plus nobody will be able even at the end of summer, which traditionally brings the maximum profit. Surplus capacities on the market with a sharp drop in demand has led to the fact that the airlines fighting for every customer and dumping, to cover at least part of their costs.Herman Kostryns’ka