In this direction in the Republic implemented a set of activities. Among them, payment for children of different ages, the provision of maternity capital from the Federal and regional levels, assisting poor families and to families with children where one parent is unemployed.

in addition, from March 31 increased the maximum amount of unemployment benefits from eight thousand to 12 130 rubles. For the implementation of social benefits for the unemployed in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation “About population employment in the Russian Federation” the Republic of Adygea allocated 123,1 million rubles.

the decision adopted on 23 July at the meeting of the tripartite Commission for the redistribution of budget allocations with the participation of representatives of the state Duma, the Federation Council and the Government of the Russian Federation. Additional funds in the form of interbudgetary transfers will be allocated from reserve Fund of the government of the Russian Federation. The decision was made with the support of the members of the Commission the Deputy of the state Duma from Adygeya Vladislav Reznik.

Earlier with the support of the Deputy of the tripartite Commission approved the allocation of the Republic of Adygea from the reserve Fund of the Government of the Russian Federation additional funds in the following areas:

– 85.1 million rubles for incentive payments to medical and other workers participating in rendering of medical aid to citizens who are diagnosed with novel coronavirus infection COVID-19, and the removal of tension on the labour market;

– 8.4 million rubles for co-financing and expenses of the region associated with vacation pay and compensation for unused vacation medical and other workers who, in accordance with the decisions of the Government of the Russian Federation in 2020 were provided incentive payments for performance of especially important works, the special conditions and the additional load;

– 12.3 million rubles for incentive payments to employees of social service organizations providing social services to citizens who are diagnosed with COVID-19, and persons at risk of Contracting the infection;

– is 165.5 million rubles for financial provision of road activities within the framework of the National project “Safe and quality roads,” namely, the bringing up to standard of roads of regional and intermunicipal importance and road network of urban agglomerations. In particular, the funds allocated for the bringing up to standard of 15.6 kilometers of the road network.