Dehaze I work as a Journalist and, once per month, as a bus driver. Which profession will survive longer?
Alain Dehaze : Chauffeur (laughs)! The self-driving car is all the rage. But it will take a very long time, until it needs no more people on the tax.

Also they will not disappear, but will change their profession, thanks to the technological progress. The Journalist can concentrate on its core tasks, the creativity, the critical observation and classification of facts. These skills robots or artificial intelligence. These human qualities are hugely important and will remain so.

passion for the activity is important, and also the sense of the work. However, it is essential that both Knowledge and social skills. Expertise, problem-solving, creativity, and empathy are necessary in order to realize itself – no matter in which field of activity.

Yes. Just not our school system, unfortunately. There is still too much focused on technical knowledge and too little on social skills. The world is different: Previously, you studied for 15 years, after 45 years of working. This no longer works today. Lifelong Learning is the Norm, adaptability and team work are more important than expertise.

The technological changes to be faster. Within four years, we lose 30 percent of our knowledge. This means that Within the space of twelve years, we have to invent ourselves from scratch. Therefore, it is in need of life-long Learning, continuous education.

companies need to rethink. More in continuing education and training to invest. The ABB has calculated that a dismissal can cost around 100’000 Swiss francs, a retraining is only a third of them.

The Swiss Three-pillar System should be supplemented by a fourth pillar. Here, the employer and the employee tax exempt the same amount of Deposit in order to Finance continuing education and training. Exactly the same as we do today for the pension. A personal and mobile learning account.

highly qualified people are expected to have no problems. Similarly, persons with lower qualifications, but with a high level of social competence. Need to we invest, especially in people who do predominantly Work is highly repetitive.

you don’t have to. We look back: in 1900, 40 percent of the American population worked in agriculture, but today only two percent, and lower unemployment. It is also given in the future, not enough Jobs. It is important to make this Transition in a socially responsible manner.

This observation we do not do so. In Switzerland we have a big shortage of skilled workers in technical Professions, regardless of age. Not optimal is that the social security contributions for 50 plus are higher. To adjust this, would be an important first step. In addition, the attitude to training in Switzerland, should be changed: From the 35. The age of forming in Switzerland, a lot less people than before – we need to rethink.

regulation is never a good solution. Here is a high risk that they would be released just before or in the first place. The recipe is education and training.

There will be a lot less permanent. The workers want more freedom and flexibility. In the United States every third person is already self-employed, soon every Second. I would therefore call for a new social contract: A Freelancer is to receive the same protection in case of illness, the same security prior to the termination and have the same rights of retirement as a permanent employee.

prepare well about the company and the duties to inform and in the conversation ask questions, show interest and enthusiasm.

The Belgian Alain Dehaze (56) is since 2015, the CEO of the Adecco group. Prior to this, the industrial engineer worked for Henkel and ISS. He is married and has four children. The Adecco group is the world’s largest personnel services provider, employs around 34 000 employees in 60 countries and has its headquarters in Zurich.