Gent, Of the 2500 studentenuit developing countries, which is in the Ghent study, there are a few of the hundreds of problems. That laatOBSG, the Ghent-based non-profit organisation that supports them, you know. The students saw the coronacrisis their student job loss. The non profit takes the voedselbedelingen, but are looking for additional funds. “There have reached out to us an alarming message.”

from A row of twenty or so students from all over the world. That is, we find, if we have Thursday afternoon in the court-yard of the Gent vzwOBSG on the Kortrijksesteenweg opwandelen. Disciplined and wait for zehun in turn under the rays of the sun. One by one, they get a food parcel. “Absolutely,” says professor Guido van Huylenbroeck. “Most of the students are from the South, do eenstudentenjob, but that they would see through the crisis to disappear. On top of that, the restaurants, and the university will be closed. Here zegoedkoop to eat.”

Van Huylenbroeck schatdat a 500 – to 1000-odd students affected by the situation. The landbouweconoom is in addition to a professor at Ghent university, president of the OBSG. It is an organisation to fully Meet international Students of Ghent vzw, called, said just a few days, monthly food packages, but it organizes weekly. “In addition, we are also looking at whether we are students, financially, to be able to support it,” he said. “To the extent that they situation, we want them to be up to 400 euro in the month. For those who have come here as a family, there may be an additional 200 euros on top of it.” (continue reading below image)