The businessman from Krasnoyarsk Svetlana Alves, which PR program blogger Alexei Navalny “5 steps to Russia” and complained about the lack of assistance to entrepreneurs of the state, admitted that he had not issued their employees to work and not pay taxes. She told the journalist Alexey Pivovarov.

Recognition became a part of the next release on the youtube channel Pivovarova, which was dedicated to pandemic coronavirus and assistance to businessmen and citizens of the state. Alves started with her business — private nursery school — was left without income that she had nothing to pay the salaries of its employees, and the state has not provided any material assistance. On specifying question of the journalist about how a woman has a staff (sent on leave or fired), she replied:

“They have been working informally. It so happened that the promised amount of 12 thousand rubles [the minimum wage], they will not receive from the state, because they are working informally. I couldn’t pay nor vacation nor salary. They’re just waiting for his salary to start the work,” said Alves.

Informal employment businesswoman explained that she didn’t think about jobs and taxes, because “in Russia, every man for himself”.

“I don’t really think about any taxes. She opened a kindergarten, myself work, all pay well. <…>. You know, these payments would not have saved my staff. They have much more salary”, — concluded the interlocutor.

Shortly before that, we recall, Navalny published a video in which Svetlana Alves complained that 15 of its employees were left without salaries because “no promised payments were not”.

“Payments are available, but a certain number of citizens and under certain conditions, which may not even exist. I, on behalf of all mothers, on behalf of all individual entrepreneurs we require benefits, payments in decent size,” said the owner of the kindergarten.