Climate protection activist Luisa Neubauer from Fridays for Future criticizes the lack of climate consensus among Germany’s democratic parties. In her guest article for “t-online” she primarily criticizes Finance Minister Christian Lindner.

“I’m thinking of Christian Lindner and his budget – anyone who is seriously interested in stable government finances should be at the forefront when it comes to preventing unaffordable climate catastrophes that endanger state coffers and the economy in equal measure.” Democracies need education, a stable one Economy and social security, but that only works with investments. “The climate crisis is eating money.”

She sees right-wing radicals as the beneficiaries of the crumbling climate consensus: “The big winners of a crumbling climate consensus are exclusively the right-wing radicals and fascists, who will capitalize on every additional crisis.” This makes the coming European elections all the more important: “This European election will decide how we decide prepare in this continent. All democratic parties are called upon to be honest and offer real solutions,” because “democracy cannot be defended without climate protection.”