last October, at the Swiss television, that in many shipments to little women. Now the editor-in-chief TV wants to take action against this circumstance. This TV-editor-in-chief Tristan combustion explained in an internal Newsletter that he also made on Twitter to the public. “There is a need for action”, provides the focal clear.

in Order to increase the proportion of women in the broadcasts, wants to take the SRF is an Initiative of the British television broadcaster BBC as a model. With the “50:50″campaign was able to obtain that the percentage of shipments in the half of the word messages from women from 27 to 74 percent, lifted could be. “The BBC began to capture men’s and women’s performances in each individual shipment in a systematic and evaluate,” explains burning the project.

The “journalistic quality” suffer

Since the mission makers would like to see the Numbers afterwards, in black and white, you would start to get more women in the show. Also, because the “journalistic quality”: “Who interviewed only men, because they are in the majority at the top of the companies or governments that narrows the public discourse and perspectives, opinion, and expertise impoverished.”

“Can the BBC be a role model for our programs, Yes for the whole of SRF? Definitely!”, burning is sure. “Single Pilot-Teams editor-in-chief TV have already collected data and found that the proportion of men is according to the shipment between 60 to 94 percent.” The editor-in-chief of TV is now “to play thanks to dedicated employees a leading role in the project”. (klm)