The class spoorvakbond ACOD Spoor respond positive to the new plan of the NMBS / sncb, for the period from december 2020 to december 2023. That is in the range of 4.7-percent increase is good, but the ambition can only be realised if they are accompanied by the necessary resources, noting the trade union of.

The federal government has approved on Saturday the new plan of the NBMS for the period from the end of 2020 until the end of 2023 to the good. The plan also provides for the phased roll-out of the 25 new projects, an increase in the number of treinkilometers by 4.7 per cent, greater, frequency, and reliable connections, explained the minister of transport, François Bellot (MR) is off.

in The socialist spoorvakbond ACOD Spoor, react positive, but it is emphasized, however, that the savings are on the right track for the past few years, the quality of public service delivery is not well done. “In these circumstances, it is necessary that as quickly as possible, with a social contract that addresses the concerns of the staff in terms of employment, working conditions and well-being”, says in a news release. In addition, the government, and the planned developments to accompany it with adequate funding, says the union.

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