you complain about the wages, unreliability, and a lot of work. But Jens Büchner makes the accusations don’t just sit up and rowing back with a Facebook Post.

"So… the Büchner reports… all waiting for one 'against' on what is presented to us at the time so everything!!!", are the first words of his post. "here there are different problems… you Know", referring to the severe weather that called for on the holiday island of serious damage, injuries and even Deaths. "In 5 km distance, 12 people died… The storm has destroyed many families, their lives…", writes the 48-Year-old.

"And we’re supposed to get upset or even react to people who tell you rubbish??", more raging Büchner on Facebook. "We have donated as many here… and this is much more important than dealing with bullshit!"

Fans vote a lie Büchner to be

The accusations against him and his wife Daniela. The Café had been closed mainly because of his health. The party singer has been fighting for longer with health problems, but appeared more.

he left Under the Facebook Post in which his Trouble-free run, rallied affirmative and commendatory words of his Fans. A user commented on the post with the words: "that’s right, Jens," another writes: "Jens, the right attitude".

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