Christian Oesch (51), six times the Confederate

“in Front of the Federal 2010, we have Swiss Bernese Brünig, in comparison with the intra-similar to bad looked like last Sunday. How did you react at the time on the flop? For the final training camp football coach Hanspeter Latour was committed, has made the whole team with a legendary motivational speech is really hot. Result: Kilian Wenger, who had previously, on the Brünig three Asked on the score sheet, conquered a few weeks later, in Frauenfeld the throne. Therefore, I would put as a team leader in the upcoming training camp to train full-on Motivation and emotions. I would re-commit to a guy like Latour than Warm. In addition, I would be in the composition of the training groups of much more value to pay attention through a mixture of Old and Young, and inter-regionalism. The experienced, top countries, Wenger should spend as much time as possible with the Mediterranean countries Talent Fabian staudenmann. In this way, the Team would grow even more together.”

Matthias Sempach (33), swing king, 2013

“I’m as Bernese with a view to train in spite of the defeat on the Brünig no big Worries. Also because we are not taken in contrast to the intra-Swiss in best cast. With Christian Stucki, who is for me one of the five best-wavers, Remo Käser, Curdin Orlik and Fabian Staudenmann four important team lacked support. And one more thing: I’ve learned the hard way that a painful defeat can have a Federal a profitable effect: In August 2013, I came to the North-West Swiss against Bruno Gisler, and Christoph Bieri under the wheels. Two weeks later, I was allowed to let me in Burgdorf as the swing king and celebrate.”

Niklaus Gasser (58), Unspunnen and Kilchberg-winner

“I would be surprised if in a few weeks, a Bernese king would. We currently do not have any transducer with the class of Pirmin Reichmuth, Joel Wicki, Armon Orlik or Sami Giger. Many of our performance are in the autumn of their careers. But maybe Christian Stucki manage after his knee injury a sensational Comeback.”

23. to 25. August dominate giants, sawdust, and put on their drill trousers, Switzerland – the Swiss Federal wrestling and Alpine sport festival in train. Here you will find everything you need to know about the Mega-Event.