Contact in case of an accident in a rental car with other persons and vehicles, or in the case of a violent auto accident, always call the police! This created a police report and fill in together with all the parties involved in the accident in the accident log. “Attracts not a lease customer in such an accident the police, he risks his insurance coverage,” warns Frederick Bechtel from the German price comparison site of cheap car you in case of an accident, also notify your car rental company and clarify with this further action.You can after an accident (even minor damage) upon return of your rental car from the lessor for a damage report and sign it. Take photos of the damage to the rental vehicle.In the case of minor accidents and minor vehicle damage – for example after a puncture, rockfall, or the Park, bumping is not a police report is absolutely necessary. Sure, but the damage to the photograph and in case of doubt with your landlords, or your rental Broker.You keep all the car documentation such as the lease, payment receipts or credit card receipts, payment reports, proof of Deposit and self-involvement, copies of Police Accident reports or damage reports provided by the landlord.

Fault of the driver of the rental car in an accident itself, calls for the landlord is almost always in excess. If the customer has opted for a deal with self-involvement, he has Swiss francs in the case of damage, up to 2000, and more numbers. The amount of the excess to the car rental company set individually. He has chosen but a (more expensive) offer with a refund of the excess, will be refunded for the excess in accordance with the contract from the car rental Broker. Frieder Bechtel from a car-rental product and price comparison portal therefore advises: “At the time of booking is always a deal, with refund of excess including glass and tire protection.”