Serious accident on the B27 near Stuttgart on Tuesday: During a chase with a Skoda driver, a police car left the road and hit the boundary. Two police officers were seriously injured, one trainee slightly.

Two police officers and a trainee were injured in an accident during a chase in Baden-Württemberg. On Tuesday afternoon, the emergency services followed a car whose driver had previously evaded a check near Stuttgart, the police headquarters in Ludwigsburg said on Wednesday night.

The Skoda driver ignored the police stop signals on the B27 federal road, made a dangerous turning maneuver and fled.

The police then began chasing the car. When the Skoda abruptly left an exit, the emergency vehicle left the road and crashed into a lane boundary.

The 30-year-old driver of the police car and the 50-year-old passenger were reportedly seriously injured and taken to the hospital. The 21-year-old trainee suffered minor injuries and was able to leave the hospital after outpatient treatment.

The police car was a total loss of around 60,000 euros. The Skoda driver escaped. According to the police, however, there are “investigative approaches”.