The Autobahn 3 near Frankfurt resembles a rubble field. In the middle of the night, there is a rear-end collision, then other cars crash into the scene of the accident. A small car catches fire. The record: one dead and five injured.

In a collision with a total of seven vehicles on Autobahn 3 near Frankfurt, one person died and five people were injured. A small car caught fire in the accident on Saturday night and burned out completely. The A3 had to be completely blocked between the Offenbacher Kreuz and the Frankfurt-Süd junction for hours in a westerly direction, and the clean-up work took longer.

At around 12:38 a.m., a rear-end collision occurred in the right lane, a police spokesman reported. A small car was thrown into the middle lane, touched another vehicle there, was thrown further into the left lane and also collided with a car there. Then the small car caught fire. As a result, other vehicles crashed into the scene of the accident, including a truck.

According to the police, there were seven people in the seven vehicles involved. The person in the small car was killed, and one person suffered serious injuries and four others suffered minor injuries. Experts are now to reconstruct the exact course of the accident. A few lanes were initially reopened late in the morning.