A 35-year-old climber had a fatal accident in Berchtesgadener Land on Sunday. At a bottleneck, the man leaned against a rock to wait for his girlfriend. As a result, the rock and the hiker fell into an abyss and fell about 100 meters down.

A 35-year-old hiker fell 100 meters and died in the Berchtesgaden Alps in front of his companion. The man from Sonthofen, Bavaria, was on Sunday afternoon with the 30-year-old woman on the Hohen Göll am Mannlgrat, according to the police.

Halfway from the Kehlsteinhaus in the direction of the Schustersteig, the two decided to turn around. According to the information, the man leaned against a rock about two meters high after a bottleneck to wait for his girlfriend. The rock then tipped towards the abyss and fell with the 35-year-old.

His companion, who saw everything, called the mountain rescue service via a follow-up rope team. An emergency doctor could only determine the death of the 35-year-old. The 30-year-old was looked after by a crisis intervention team from the mountain rescue service.