A major operation by the police and fire brigade is currently underway in the Murnau accident clinic, which was then sealed off. Apparently several people came into contact with a white powder and have been in quarantine ever since. In addition, according to the “BR”, a man has died since.

Whether there is a connection between the white powder and the man’s cause of death still needs to be clarified. A special unit from the Munich professional fire department is currently on site, and a special mobile laboratory is supposed to find out what the white powder is.

A danger to the population could be ruled out and there was never a danger to patients, the Upper Bavaria South Police Headquarters told the “Münchner Merkur”. It is said that it could take “a few hours” before a result on the white powder is available.

A 47-year-old man entered a vocational school in Penzberg, Upper Bavaria, on Thursday with an unknown substance and died shortly afterwards in hospital. Because it was unclear whether it was a dangerous substance, the emergency room at the Murnau accident clinic, where he had been admitted, was sealed off, as the Upper Bavaria South police headquarters announced. All people who came into contact with the man are currently receiving medical attention. So far, no hospital employee or emergency service employee has shown any symptoms. A press conference in the accident clinic was announced for 9 p.m.

The police assumed that the man had taken his own life. According to police, the students who were in the classroom he entered received medical attention.

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