The alleged Russian spy arrested by the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) on Wednesday of this week is said to be a senior employee in top-secret technical foreign reconnaissance. FOCUS learned this online from Berlin security circles.

Carsten L. is therefore an official of the higher service and apparently had access to sensitive information. As a specialist in evaluation, he apparently analyzed all processes and information that the BND, which is very well versed in this area, gains through worldwide wiretapping operations. The material that L. was available for evaluation and then for the information of the Federal Government allegedly also included the findings of friendly partner services obtained during eavesdropping operations. They include the powerful American National Security Agency (NSA) and the British interception service Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).

The BND is very concerned that Carsten L., who was arrested for alleged treason, could also have passed on material from friendly secret services to the Russians. According to the first findings of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office and the Federal Criminal Police Office, the BND man is under strong suspicion of having provided Russia’s secret service with information that is classified as a state secret. According to the Criminal Code, these are “facts, objects or knowledge that are only accessible to a limited group of people and must be kept secret from a foreign power in order to avert the risk of serious damage to the external security of the Federal Republic”.