It should be possible, bishops to depose, have failed in dealing with abuse. The American cardinal and Archbishop of Chicago, blase Cupich, presented a 12-point Plan, to complement the existing Church’s legal norms in this point and tighten.

Each Bishop is responsible

At the same time, bishops have their responsibility in the added under-estimation of the extent of child abuse. “We need to repent, and this, together and in a collegial do. Because on the way we have failed. We must ask pardon,” said the Indian cardinal Oswald Gracias.

“No, Bishop can’t claim that the Problem of child abuse in the Church concerns him. Each of us is for the whole Church,” Gracias, Archbishop of Mumbai. Even if the abuse crisis seem to particularly affect some parts of the world Church, it was not a limited phenomenon.

The entire Church must be the turn, and decided, said Gracias in his speech. The Indian man of the Church is a member of the Kardinalsrat that supports the Pope on the Curia reform.

call for duty

the President of The Commission of the bishops ‘ conferences in the EU, the Luxembourg Archbishop Jean-Claude Hollerich, is of the view that there should be a duty for bishops in the case of child abuse. “If there is Evil in the Church, one must inform the competent judicial authorities,” said Hollerich, in a conversation with journalists on the sidelines of the child summit on abuse at the Vatican.

The Church should not be permitted to conceal cases of abuse. Men of the Church, who were held responsible for misuse, should be laisiert, said the Archbishop. He praised the work of the media in the detection of child abuse. “Some of the bishops claim that the media is attacking the Church. That’s not true. If one speaks of it, it is for the Church only, well,” said the Luxembourg.

oblivious to the damage to the Victims

Cupich defendant the “blindness” of the Church before the extent of the damage of child abuse. The Church must reject the “clerical culture” which have so often conducive to abuse, Cupich. “We need to involve, without hesitation, lay in detail in all the efforts to the education and development of structures of accountability,” said the Archbishop, is one of the members of the organizing Committee of the Congress.

it is Only together in Episcopal collegiality, could you responsibility and accountability. The history of the last decades show that the perspective of victims of abuse is not an attack on the Church, but a help in Recognizing the tragedy, and in the construction of new structures.

The final word considers Pope Francis

the four-day Anti-abuse summit that began on Thursday in the Vatican and to Sunday runs, take part 190 of the official participants. Votes or decisions on papers are not provided. Pope Francis is to hold Sunday morning at the conclusion of the exhibition, a summary speech.