Ghislaine Maxwell is the woman who was instrumental in helping Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse underage girls for many years. A former Queen’s security man claims the Brit used to come and go in Buckingham Palace as a matter of course.

For decades, Ghislaine Maxwell (60) attracted young girls who Jeffrey Epstein († 66) then abused. The British woman now has to go to prison for the next 20 years. Prince Andrew (62), who is also involved in the scandal, got away with a black eye.

But how close and intimate the son of Queen Elizabeth II (96) once was with Epstein’s accomplice is suggested by statements from a former Queen’s security guard. “No one, apart from the royal family, was in and out of Buckingham Palace as regularly as Ghislaine Maxwell. She had unrestricted access to the palace and Prince Andrew’s quarters. She was on a different level,” claims Paul Page (52) to the British “Sun”.

Maxwell entered and left the palace at will day and night. She didn’t even have to put her name down in visitor lists, which Page said was “highly unusual”. “We had orders to just wave them through. If she was stopped at the entrance anyway, the duke shouted at the responsible employee and insulted him. “

The ex-security officer, who worked for the Queen from 1998 to 2004, goes further and claims that Andrew and Maxwell were more than friends: “My colleagues and I concluded that she and the prince had some sort of relationship. “

And that in front of the Queen? “They had a romantic picnic right outside the Queen’s bedroom window. From that moment on, I was certain that the two had an intimate relationship,” says Page. But Maxwell is said to have been anything but a welcome guest among the servants: “She was snooty. Didn’t greet anyone and made us feel like she was looking down on us. All in all she was not a friendly person.”

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