at the end of the 19th century. Century, the two-Meter-tall Carry Nation stormed in with an axe and a Saloon in Kansas, and beat the whole Bar in a short and small. The Sheriff arrested you for vandalism. Carry protested, you haven’t damaged the Saloon, but smashed in, and you’ll rage after their release from prison, more.

It had all started peacefully. Carry was joined early in the women’s organization in the Temperance Union, which was born out of the temperance movement of the 1870s. Alcohol is a real Problem with addiction in that time.

license for the Chop

Every inhabitant over 15 drank an average of eighty bottles of Whiskey per year, so three times as much as the descendants in the 21st century. Century. Workers drank in the Morning, at noon and in the evening, the country was notoriously drunk, and whole families plunged into misery and poverty. Also Carrys biography was paved with corpses with Alcohol.

Frustrated by the slowing of the success of the teetotaler, didn’t want to settle for Carry with protest songs and sit-ins in front of the Saloons. You had a divorce, which she founded with radical Christians a new section and the handle to the axe. She said, God, personally, have been granted the license to Hack.

Small Axes for the Fans

media to be effective you a rampage in the U.S. Senate, on their lecture tours, she was celebrated like a pop star. Celebs at biederten and enjoyed henceforth your Whiskey secretly, while Carry is discovered after more than a hundred smashed up Saloons, the Merchandising and minor Axes, with the inscription “Saloon-Zerschmetterer” sold.

Like most mass movements, the beginning of a quite legitimate concern, radicalized with only moderate success an impatient minority and commits crimes, you are declared as a moral obligation to the resistance.

Greta and the Masked

Greta Thunberg rejects violence. The repeated also, if you attracts to the photo shoot, a T-Shirt of violent Antifa or in the hambach forest with two Masked men posing, the attacks to “save the climate” employees of the power group RWE with CO2-free Molotov Cocktails and injured.

The flirtation with anti-democratic criminals is probably to be understood as a threat to. If Yes, it might be hot soon: Friday was yesterday.

Claude Cueni (63) is a writer and lives in Basel. He writes every second Friday of the VIEWS.