It was a smart choice of the Publisher to publish this literary for ein galen on 431 pages. Grafting is a funny guy we’ll want to be with for a long time. And what is better in these korona-times than the books that lasts a long time and that can be read by children and adults together?

Fluffy humor

Graft is six years old. He has a big brother called Pyton (it is, of course, because he always behaves completely pyton) and a little sister named Petra. She is only four, but the reader already ‘as a priest’. She has at least read an entire encyclopedia and often remarkably wise reply on so many things.

the Family lives on a small farm with chickens and a pig. Mother working, father is at home and uses most of the time to create experimental cuisine.

In these podcast times toys author and illustrator with a proper Graft-throw.

Illustration by Øyvind Torseter / Publisher

In contrast to the trend in some children’s books for the time being, have Graft safe voksenpersoner around him as both see and respect him. Might think they are not always on everything he tells, but it is not so strange. For Graft experiencing a bit of each.

Conflict-axis is usually between Graft and Pyton. But also external events can put the story in time. Then scatters like Tor Arve Røssland never so little magic over everyday life.

the Magic shows itself in the story of the week when the whole community’s weather depends on whether the Graft and the family eats up middagsmaten his or not. It can also materialize in the endless flow of japanese tourists in the yard: Graft has become allergic and sneezes and saying where nøs you guests should not kimse.

Imagination-clever, it is also when the Graft becomes weightless and rises to the sky, just because he has lost so many melketenner at one time.


Tor Arve Røsslands text is recognizable and new at one and the same time. He takes everyday situations and flip them in a completely unexpected direction. For what if there actually is a truth in the old adage?

Even though he didn’t always helm the brand in the country, purely logical, so the charms Røssland both children and adults with Graft-stories.

Scary is also, in a while, especially in the story “Anti-Graft”, where a boy who is like Grafting on a dot steals his place in the family. Røssland has a propensity to grøssere, there will be those who know the authorship of his know. Books about Black-Mathilda has been modern horror classics for children.

Røssland write a simple and concrete nynorsk. It does not mean that he does not also flashing with startling images and metaphors. For instance, he may describe how to Graft and his best friend Anton was known in this way:

Graft had been buddy with him last winter, when the Pyton and his gang had dynka them in a snowdrift. They had a seat in the snow the two, with snow down the neck and the sleet in her hair, and looked at one another. The two drivvåte femåringane had been friends at one time. Since they had hange together as one, filled biscuits, both were knasande crazy, with some good and soft in between.

Tor Arve Røssland: Absolute Graft

To depict a friendship that filled biscuits, I have never heard anyone do before. But it works!

Nice artwork

Øyvind Torseter has illustrated the tales of Graft. His black-and-white drawings are eye-catching, they suck attention to themselves with their many details to immerse themselves in. The figures, which are most often carved up with thin pencil marks, show joy, consternation, anxiety, and anger.

Poor Graft is subjected to both a hungry kaiman and an equally hungry magician looking after the children.

Illustration by Øyvind Torseter

I am still just as impressed by how much sense Øyvind Torseter may be able to enter in the seemingly simple drawings. It is not without reason he has received both the Nordic council children’s and ungdomslitteraturpris and several Norwegian and international prizes for illustrations.

Cross Mary Parrs “Vaffelhjarte” with Jeff Kinneys “you diary” and you get an idea of Grafted universe. Here is warmth, humor and excitement and egocentrism that is not greater than that they can be swallowed.

“Absolute Graft” feels absolutely necessary, once you become familiar with the little luringen.

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