Boris Palmer achieved an absolute majority in the first ballot in the election for the mayor of Tübingen. This time the Ur-Greens started as an independent candidate. He has been mayor of the Baden-Württemberg city for 16 years.

Boris Palmer has been re-elected mayor of Tübingen. He prevailed against his competitors with an absolute majority of 52.4 votes, as the city announced on Sunday evening after all polling stations had been counted. Palmer ran as an independent candidate rather than for the Greens because of trouble with his party.

His competitor Ulrike Baumgärtner (Greens) got 22 percent of the votes, Sofie Geisel (SPD, supported by the FDP) 21.4 percent of the votes. Around 69,000 Tübingen residents were eligible to vote. Six candidates were admitted.

Palmer has been mayor for 16 years. He had declared in advance that he no longer wanted to compete in the second ballot if he was not ahead in the first round. “If I can’t decide this election for myself, the political figure Boris Palmer is at the end,” he was quoted as saying by the “Pforzheimer Zeitung”. The 50-year-old’s membership of the Greens will be suspended until the end of 2023 due to arguments about breaking taboos and allegations of racism.