About 2500 people are unable to ride the subway in Moscow

on the first day of operation of the automated inspection system digital passes on the subway are unable to drive 2.5 thousand people – they are not tied or transport card to pass, or they didn’t have a pass. About it reports a press-service of the Moscow Department of transport in Telegram channel.

“At the end of the morning and evening rush hours, we can say that the automatic control system of digital badges works in the Metropolitan subway everywhere,” the report says.

in Order not to disrupt the social distance if the checking passes, the staff of the subway watching the situation online and with so many people at the turnstiles translate their work into normal mode and check passes start controllers gku “transport Organizer”. For them there is a special yellow zone, where they explain to passengers how to make a digital pass and can bind the transport map. As a result, the rush hour was calm. 18:00 through the turnstiles using the Troika card and social security cards were 860 thousand passengers.

At the moment the passes are already strapped 1.7 million cards “Troika” and socket. In addition, more than 3.9 million motorists tied numbers to a digital pass.

“April 22nd, from 00:00 to 19:00, on the roads of Moscow moved 1 million 510 thousand cars. Without a pass – 230 thousand cars or 15% of all” – said the press service.

In Moscow, established more than 2,500 complexes of fotovideofiksatsiey by which staff MADI and traffic police can at any time check passes. According to the MADI, today on the roads identified about 230 of the thousands of drivers who have not issued a digital pass or did not have attached to them the number of machines. Now their data is processed, and if the information is confirmed, all drivers will receive a penalty of 5 thousand rubles.

Recall from today to move in the city you want to bind to a digital pass number of the vehicle card, or a vehicle’s license plate. If you do not specify the number of transport cards in the metro won’t open the turnstiles, and cars with license plates without permits will be fined.

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