After the sixth round is Aarau, still without a point. After 12 games, so a third of the season, is Aarau with 7 counters are still off.

Then, the Team of Patrick under the big comeback starts climbing space to place up. As Lausanne’s coach Giorgio Contini Aarau after the first ascent contender referred to, way laughs framework this is still cool. “I’ve also seen, there is also a little tactic behind it …”

not plugged in well, If it was Contini’s tactics, the winged Aargauern pressure to recharge it. Aarau is a round before the end, in place of 2 – today, it comes back to the long-distance duel for the barrage of space with the only remaining competitors, with Contini’s Lausanne (to a point). “We are not in the mood, nor what herzuschenken,” says Aarau midfielder Markus Neumayr, before the crucial home match against Rapperswil-Jona.

Turkes to Aarau shopping list

In Aarau, in the 1:0 victory in Chiasso blocked Elsad Zverotic and Linus Obexer come back. In the case of Rapperswil, which is still fighting against relegation, is the root defender Jérôme Thiesson is missing. The 31-Year-old scored against Winterthur in the 87. Minute Yellow still. Next season plays Thiesson for Aarau, a rogue who thinks Evil.

Sunday view learned: Even Rappi striker Aldin Turkes (23) is in Aarau shopping list on top of that. 16 gates of the former FCZ has achieved Junior already, together with the Kriens Nico Siegrist at the top of the scorers list. Explosive issue: Shoot yourself Turkes today in the brüggli the field to the top scorer in the Challenge League, and even the possible return in the Super League?

“We belong in the Super League”

External help, the Aargauer is no longer necessary. Barrage and advancement lie in their own feet. Head of sports, Sandro Burki: “The focus of Rapperswil is. It is the most difficult game of the whole season is short, so in front of the goal.”

Clearly, he fervently hopes that his players after this impressive race to catch up, not even the Butter from the bread. The possible Barrage opponents Xamax, he had been under of the week at 1:1 against Lugano observe, and also yesterday, a Aarau was a Scout in Basel. “For next season we are planning at the Moment is dual-lane,” says Burki.

Neumayr says: “We want to show in the Barrage, and that we belong in the Super League!”