A young man of 23 years had probably not thought properly about, when he Sunday afternoon committed a theft.

the Robbery occurred at a pharmacy in Algade in Nykøbing Sjælland, where the young man stole the bottle with the håndsprit, set up for the customers.

It informs the Middle – and West zealand Police.

But when the 23-year-olds in the theft, had turned as a customer in the pharmacy, it was not a case, that took a long time for the police to unravel.

“Right in this context, it was easy to identify the suspect. The 23-year-old was inside as a customer, after which he took a litre with håndsprit. It notes staff, also has his personal information,” says communications officer at Mid and west zealand Police Charlotte Tornquist.

the Staff therefore struck the alarm and contacted the police:

“the Police found the suspect, who was in possession of håndspritten. He has been questioned and will be charged with theft.”

The 23-year-old man can probably look forward to a fine as punishment for his misdeed.