is A year between these two statements. There are two statements of a Chaos-club or FC Sion are not. There are the statements of the superior to most champion of all time and of the Teams, the targeting heuer, the title hat-Trick and the second Champions League participation: YB!

There are the statements from the second round of the championship. For those that started in 2018 in Lugano. On the other, those shortly before the end of the game in new castle last Sunday. The Goalie is the same, David von ballmoos. But on the field? Not a Single one is more of the same as a year ago. Everything is new.

Kevin Mbabu: is changed to Wolfsburg. the Gregory Wüthrich: is still in the squad, came in very shortly before the end for Marvin Spielmann. the Steve von Bergen: resignation. the Loris Benito: has changed to the Girondins of Bordeaux. the Christian Fassnacht: is injured and wants to be away from YB. the Sekou Sanogo: went last Winter to Saudi Arabia. the Djibril Sow: is new in Frankfurt. the Miralem Sulejmani: was missing against Xamax injury half. the Roger Assalé: was not after his return from the Africa Cup of Nations with the ivory coast still in the squad. Against Lugano may be back. the Guillaume Hoarau: had to get out due to a thigh injury in new castle after an hour.

of Course, football is fast-moving. But ten out of ten again? Coach Gerry Seoane, a year ago, the facilitator, the constellation: “It is no secret that football is a very fast-paced business environment. We have always stressed that we will need after the break, patience, to the automatisms attack you again.”

Also, for sport-in-chief Christoph Spycher, the Situation is special: “in accordance with our strategy, we want to develop young players with great potential and in a great League make. The last two years were specifically. We appreciate it very much that we were able to keep the team during a plurality of transfer stages to large Parts. But it was always clear that with the number of major Successes, a greater change will come about. It was in this summer. This is the lot of a successful Swiss teams. But we now have an exciting team with great potential. We want to give this Team the necessary time to develop. So, something is not from today to tomorrow.”

violations of YB hit hard

one reason for the new ten injuries, the YB meeting in the start-up phase of the championship hard. The list is long: Hoarau (muscle injury to the thigh, default duration is indeterminate, and the trend is longer), Sulejmani (felt the scarring of his old injury, with trained again, but not reduced, therefore, against Lugano yet), Cédric Zesiger (muscle problems, against Lugano in the squad), Vincent Sierro (muscle problems, against Lugano in the squad), Christian Fassnacht (to make complaints again in the team training, is still lacking against Lugano), Ali Camara (bone skin inflammation on the Shin, outage duration unknown), Gianluca Gaudino (muscle injury in the thigh, two more weeks out), Sandro Lauper (cruciate ligament, is missing until the end of the year).

But even without some of the tenors: The Bernese have dominated Xamax, would be much higher than win 1:0. And so if you look in the Bern full of joy on the first top fight of the season. Against, you guessed it, Lugano.

Of ball moss; Mbabu, Wüthrich, mountains, Benito; Fassnacht, Sanogo, Sow, Sulejmani; Assalé, Hoarau.

Of ball moss; Janki, Buergy, Lustenberger, Garcia; Ngamaleu, Martins, Aebischer, Spielmann (is just before the end by Wüthrich replaced); Mambimbi, nsame power.

The game of YB – Lugano are from 16 PM live in the Ticker.